1000HP - Godsmack



  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2014-08-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2014 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Play Title Time Download
1000HP 3:46  
FML 3:38  
Something Different 4:42  
What's Next? 4:20  
Generation Day 6:11  
Locked & Loaded 4:12  
Living In the Gray 4:07  
I Don't Belong 3:33  
Nothing Comes Easy 5:38  
Turning to Stone 5:16  



    By dropkiick
    Another great album by GODSMACK!
  • Just amazing for fans of alternative metal and hard rock

    By Picuinox
    This album is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time. It's powerful, filled with enthusiasm, and just is amazing.
  • Only a Tard writes reviews

    By Cpt.MonkeyPaw
    I'm a huge Tard. 220 lbs of tardicity here. The day I let a negative or positive review affect my choice in music or any art for that matter, I'll plug myself in the face with my 357 mag. Later beechies!
  • DMF

    By kelpsrs
    Keep on keeping on
  • Sweet Tracks

    By WatcherOfTime
    Just Frickin Epic, I love lock and loaded and all the rest as well. FAN F**KIN-TASTIC
  • Fresh and different

    By Zack06104
    I agree with the review below this one (if it shows up correctly). I am tired of people complaining about how Godsmack doesn't sound original if they change it up a bit, but on the other hand if they do change it up they say "oh its another boring album". Makes absolutely no sense. To call Godsmack "the above ground pool of the rock industry" just shows how unintelligent and musically absent a person is. These are the kids who think Green Day was an amazing band. My personal favorite was "leave the rock sound to the industry leaders A7X". Really? You mean that band that literally just plays harmonies 95% of their songs? Oh ok, gotchya. Y'all forget Godsmack has sold way more concerts and albums? Grow up people, listen to real music rather than the "play only power chords" bands like papa roach.
  • Hell yah!

    By Turthbetold
    This album is amazing.So much energy!
  • Amazing drummer wasted in mediocre band

    By your kidding right?
    Shannon Larkin is one of the best drummers in the music industry. Every time a new Godsmack album comes out, I hope (in vain) that the rest of the band and the lyrics are worthy. They consistently are not. I wish Larking would move on to a band that has a level of talent to match his own.
  • Ehhh.

    By TheIndain
    Yeah...it's ok, I guess. Just "ok." It is certainly nothing special. Oracle was a sick album and I was hoping for more guitar grinding, drum pounding and bass beating but...not so much of that here. Has more of a Sully solo album sound to it. And the title track...that is not a very good song...run-of-the-mill heavy metal.
  • Godsmack never disappoints

    By CPD Ross
    What can I say about this album? This band never disappoints and I feel they get better with every album.my wife and I went to go see them in 2000 when she was pregnant with my oldest son. Now he is 15 and absolutely loves this band. There is no better feeling than to listen to some good music with your child I have a good story to tell about it. Can't wait for the next album. Ciao paison

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