Rocky Mountain Way - Single - Godsmack

Rocky Mountain Way - Single


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2012-04-24
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2012 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Rocky Mountain Way 4:02  


  • Love this!

    By Rob is better
    I don't know y u all are hating but I think this song is AWESOME! I love it
  • great remake

    By CVgsmackfan
    I really like this song the vibe is much stronger then on the original version. this sounds more like a godsmack tune and it feels right. I like Joe Walsh's version but this is alot heaver with a rougher edge around the edges and it feels right. listien to the original version first before you listien to this so you can descide for yourself which one is better.
  • Awsome like me

    By Shut up parrot
    I like godsmack ever since I was 4
  • I love it and I'm not a Godsmack fan!

    By DC Dawg
    Look, kiddies... I grew up with Joe Walsh and the Eagles. I was getting high to their music before most of you were a hitch in your daddy's drawers. I have even seen Walsh perform this live (during the Eagles 14 year hiatus) and I am not a Godsmack fan. But I can tell you this version rocks! It is so good that this old dude downloaded it and will play it in his regular rotation. There is nothing wrong with a modern band taking a classic like Rocky Mountain Way and adding their own sound to it. If you think you're going to have an issue, preview it first. If you don't like it, don't pay for it! Otherwise, flip off mate. Even some of us old dudes can use a little hard rock now and again!
  • Godsmack... Awesome once again

    By Tombrady1287
    For all you haters... GODSMACK ROCKS!!! If you don't like godsmack... Why did you even come here!? You better go away because godsmack is doing the best they ever did. SULLY you Are AWESOME!
  • Good Cover

    By Diego de Memo
    This is a good rocking song, even if it is a cover of Joe Walsh.
  • Country?

    By Colton Schmucker
    Idk its just ok. I felt like it had a shot of country tune in it, but thats just me.
  • Awesome as usual

    By AlyssaMarie01
    I was pretty iffy about this cover but as usual sully and the guys were awesome as usual. I wish they would have done it at their concert I just went to. The drumming is amazing in this Shannon :) and before you bash sully erna you should probably actually listen to the entire song and not just the preview on iTunes. I listened to it and at first I wasn't sure and I listened again and really loved it. But people will always be snobby about music if they grew up in the 70s lol I'm 23 and love the joe walsh and the eagles and have even seen them live but they aren't trying to "be" them or sound just like the original. It's just them having fun and I think it's very godsmack sounding with the amazing instrumental and sully sounds awesome
  • Bar Drinking Song!!!!!!!

    By Hard Knocking Tsunami
    Pour the shots!
  • Rocky Mountain Way

    By Hollywoodd33n0
    Great version of a great song. Nice Job. Bought it.....

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