Love King (Edited Version) - The-Dream

Love King (Edited Version)


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group


Play Title Time Download
Love King 4:11  
Make Up Bag 4:43  
F.I.L.A. 4:11  
Sex Intelligent 5:10  
Sex Intelligent Remix 4:02  
Yamaha 4:55  
Nikki, Pt. 2 2:41  
Abyss 4:38  
Panties to the Side 4:06  
Turnt Out 4:25  
February Love 6:15  
Florida University 5:27  



    By ti raps
    Damm does this beat have some pop! i luv it i could bounce to that song all day...but the rest of the Love King is aight...But i'm prejudice cuz i like the dream...but overall its a safe album..could've been better..must buy:Make Up Bag
  • Ummm...

    By Mz.RealDeal!
    Personally, I Think The-Dream Could Hve Done A Lot Better.! Other 2 Albums Were Great But This 1 Was So-So. Tha Only Songs I Like On This Album Are Turnt-Out, Make-Up Bag, & Love King. All Tha Other Songs Just Sound Dead & Sad & Effortless.
  • Decent album...

    By Ndouble
    The-Dream is my dude. Honestly right now no one can touch him writing lyrics(not even Ne-Yo). Production he's str8 solo but I think he needs to let Tricky lead. I can tell a difference from Love Vs Money. Overall the album is good but it could've been better. I'm enjoying every track except "Sorry"(One time listen) & "Florida University"(Only the title). I'm dig'n the lyrics of "Turnt Out" but it's something about the way he's singing that throws me off. Dream don't stop droppin' albums. Keep em' coming man. 2011 kill em' with Love/Affair.
  • Title Should be "LOVE PRINCE" because........

    By MrMpls
    Listen, I thind The Dream is one of the best producers in the game right now, but seriously from a creative standpoint he's obviously gotten caught up in Prince's Purple Rain CD, and rightly so. Go ahead and listen to The Beautiful Ones by Prince and tell me you don't hear every song in The Dream's catalog playing during that 3 minutes..... And I'm from Mpls so I can make that call and stand firmly on it! Nothing wrong with an occasional nod to the Purple One but don't make a career imitating a won't last. Even Prince was wise enough to change his style every 2 years or so......take note, Dream. Go outside the box and reach a little further. The Mpls Sound has already been perfected once. Let it go.
  • This Album Is A Banger!!!

    By TyTy4679865422
    This is his best album yet! My favorite track is Yamaha because the beat reminds me of Michael Jackson...I think that was the dreams inspiration for this track....
  • terrible

    By 808 fan
    worst album. the dream sounds like justin bieber
  • Really?

    By gabriel11rocks!
    C'mon Dream i was lookin forward 2 somethin like Love vs. Money plz don't do this anymore
  • Beast. From Start To End

    By lilgmusic
    Better than Lovehate, not as good as Love vs. Money but still a beast album by Dream. Here's my opinion on the songs Love King - 4.5/5 (Would've been 5/5 but the ending is kind of a weird way to go into the next song.) Make Up Bag (feat. T.I.) - 5/5 (Good song! Beast beat and pretty funny.) F.I.L.A. - 4/5 (Really reminds me of Right Side Of Your Brain from Love vs. Money.) Sex Intelligent - 5/5 (Sexy as hell. This is where the album goes BEAST mode) Sex Intelligent (Remix) - 5/5 (Beast mode is still on and he retracts his retirement statement in this song) Yamaha - 4/5 (Reminds me A LOT of Fast Car from Lovehate) Nikki Part 2 - 3.5/5 (Good, but part one is way better. Nice transition from Yamaha though) Abyss - 4/5 (Good track. the vocals and beat are cool) Panties To The Side - 5/5 (Probably my favorite track! Beat is crazy, lyrics are sick and it's just a beast song) Turnt Out - 5/5 (Beastie and sexy. 'Nuff Said) February Love - 3.5/5 (An attempt at a Fancy Part 2. Not as successful though.) Florida University - 4/5 (This one is T-Pain sounding! Good song though) The-Dream is taking over R&B one step at a time. Lovehate was huge, Love vs. Money was BOMB, and Love King might follow in that consistancy - Spida Man
  • dont like it

    By YoUnG_DrEaM
    There's only like about 2-3 good songs on this album. I think The Dream should have gotten more artists on his album, and better songs. From 1 out of 10, I would give this album a 3.

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